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How To Clean Your Skateboard Bearings Easy!

January 5, 2017

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How To Clean Your Skateboard Bearings Easy!

January 5, 2017








Today I will show you a quick and easy way to clean your skateboard bearings.


Step 1: Remove your wheel axle nut from the truck, be carful not to apply too much pressure on the outer shield of the bearing, as this can dent the shield and wear your bearings out super fast!

Step 2: Now once you have removed the nut, pull the wheel 3 quarters out and pull back, so that bearing tilts out from the wheel seat.

  Step 3: Using a thin hairpin or needle, gentle slip it under the outer edge of the shield (This only works for bearings with rubber shields) Slide the pin all the way around the shield and it should pop off. Be very careful not to bend the shield.

 Shields are now removed

 Now pop your bearings in a safe container and submerge them in a cleaner. I like to use a carburettor cleaner. Make sure you wear gloves, face mask and eye protection, you don't want to get this stuff in your eyes!

 Give the bearings a good scrub with a toothbrush, repeatedly dipping them in the cleaner.

 Make sure you give those outer shields a good clean from the inside. You want to make sure you remove all the dirt and oil!

 Now make sure that there is no more dirt or gunk in your bearings. If you want you can use a high pressure air cleaner to blow out any fine particle's.


Once you are happy that there is no more dirt or residue in your bearings, you can add 2 drops of speed cream to each bearing. Make sure that you only add 2 drops, otherwise you are just over lubricating, which will only attract dirt inside them and wear them out fast!. 


Now just pop your shields back on the bearing using your thumb and fingers, gently fasting them into place. Now your good to go skateboarding!


I hope this little DIY improves your know how on the basics of Skateboard bearing cleaning.


Just remember that this is a very quick and easy method on how to clean your bearings, there are much more lengthy and detailed ways you can do this, but lets save that for another day.

Remember to support your local skate shop.



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